Emarketing and Search Engine Optimisation

Emarketing is succesfully achieved through several stages, the first stage involves optimising your individual web pages using semantic code and optimising the actual content of your web page for a particular market.

Through the use of keyword analysis techniques we can help identify strong keywords and niche markets that could help drive target visitors to your website.

Search engine optimisation and eMarketing involves not only optimisng your web pages but also involves building your Internet profile over time and by turning your web site into an Internet authority.

Clean semantic code and relevent content is the start to this but in highly competetive markets link exchange, social networking and interactive web pages should be used to boost your page rank amongst seach engines and help you get that number one spot.

Building you profile over time and boosting your page rank helps ensure that once you get good listings you stay there, link exchange helps this, but if we can identify a niche market of interest we can employ other emarketing techniques that could help increase traffic. For instance if you had a website that specialised in exotic fruit you could create a forum or guest book that allowed people to post their favourite smoothie recipes and allowing other visitors to comment on them creating a reason for a return visit.

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