Web Design Birmingham

Web Design for Birmingham based companies. We provide a variety of web design services for local companies and businesses. Unlike many other companies who outsource their work to India our web designers, developers, marketers and other ‘ers are all based in Birmingham; Web Design that is made in the UK.

What does that mean for you the Birmingham based business?

Well because Web Design Midlands is based in Birmingham it means you can actually meet and talk to the people who will be working on your website. Whilst email and telephone conversations are fast ways of communicating we will arrange meetings to discuss and generate ideas that can help create a website that not only meets your requirements but actually works as a tool to help generate more business for your company.

Many so called web design companies outsource their work to India at cheap rates. After coming across some of these websites and looking at the quality of the code and the design of those websites I can understand why they are so cheap; poor coding, badly designed, slow loading times, not geared for search engines and lacking security.

If you want a website that actually does what you want and helps generate new business then choose a web design company in Birmingham chose WDM.